Zalman Reserator/Swiftech MCX6400


Limp Gawd
Dec 20, 2003
I was looking at this for my forray into water cooling

Any opinions on it? I'm going to use it for my Socket A 2500 barton

Also I was looking at the new Swiftech MCX6400 for a future A64 system.

Also I was wondering if it would be possible to use the Heatsink and the Zalman reserator in conjunction? I dont know much about water cooling, but it looks as if the Zalman is a simple snap on. I was just wondering if I can snap it onto one of those monster heatsinks from Swiftech.

It would be great if I had that setup :cool:


Dec 26, 2002
The waterblock is designed to be mounted flush to the CPU, you don't want a heat sink, just use the block. Are you going to try to watercool your GPU also? Might have to buy another block and route some more tubing if so, I think the Reserator only compes w/ a CPU waterblock.


[H]ard|DCer of the Month - June 2011
Feb 13, 2001
any idea how much the "reserator" will cost? that would be a very cool thing to have, imagine one for CPU and another for GPU, and if you want to go mad another for chipset/hard drives.

or alternately put 2 in series for even better cooling.
or even a whole bank of them on the wall for multiple PCs.

you could make a case that looks like a little fusion plant with 3 of them and a box on the side.

it is big btw, 592mm = about 2 feet tall.
I think it could be made more efficient by putting a sleeve around the fins about 1/4 inch away from the outside. (more air passing the fins at higher speed due to "chimney effect")

however it might be hard to find something cheap enough that is nice material and big enough internal diameter (6.5 inches)

i a sure my plans will be dashed by expensive price :)


Jul 28, 2003
If it's affordable enough (about $150-200), I want to buy three for my silent PC project. Might try with only two though, so I can afford other nice things with the project. The size is definately going to be at home on the back of a 20U slant rack.

one: CPU

two: PSU

three: VGA, NB, HDD


one : cpu

two : everything else