Zalman heatsink wont fit


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Sep 25, 2002
I have a 8RDA3+ Epox Mobo and I am not able to fit the Zalman CPU fan on it. Seems that the row of caps are blocking the heatsink and fan.

Any suggestions or anything I can do?


Aug 15, 2004
Is this the 7000cu your using? Have u checked Zalmans site to make sure it will fit your board?

Im using that HSF on my Abit NF7-S 2.0, which Zalman says wont fit, but I had to reverse and modify the mounts a bit to get it on. Its off center a bit but working perfectly. There was a row of capacitors in the way of mounting it correctly.

Heres the instructions on mounting it on the NF7-S board. They might help you get it on yours:

Heres the original post from a good guy named nOBODY on that I followed:

How to mount on a Abit nf7-s board.

First switch the two mounting brackets, the blue and silver, so have the silver on the side of the leaver and the blue on the other side, not what the manuals says which says, have blue on leaver side, but it does not fit this way. Note this makes the heat sink off center of the cpu, but still covers the core completely so it is still ok. But when you mount it take care to not screw in one side at a time do a few turns on each side and keep changing until it is mounted (Very important if you want to avoid the possiblility cracking your core).

Now that you have mounted the brakets, you have to modd the heat sink. So take out the fan, then take out the mounting leaver. There are two sets of holes on each side, you will have to cut with a hack say or something of the sort. I used a hack saw. Cut the outer most hole this

cut here ^ so you end up with something like this


then put the heat sink back together. screw it in place using the inner holes as stated in the manual and it should fit!. I had no problems with it. it just takes time, about 15 min to 20 min. I may post pics later if I remember.

I hope this has helped anyone who reads this article...

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