Zalman Heatpipe HDD Cooler


Mar 3, 2004
Hi, i was just wondering about the zalman heatpipe hdd has heatpipes yes that is good, but doesnt the hdd create heat from under the drive (where the spindle motor and head motor are found?) the heat pipes appear to come into contact only with the cover/lid side of the hdd. from my experience opening hdd's (taking platters out and reflecting sunlight whilst burning people's eyes at skool) is that there is not much contact between the motor etc and the lid. only the hdd's chassis/box is in contact with the lid. can any1 provide an explanation as to how this thing works as i am about to buy 1 (around AU$30) thanx in advan.


Supreme [H]ardness
Aug 22, 2002
My WD drive does make most of it's heat on the bottom, where the circuit board and and spindle motor is. The top barely gets warm. If you've got some airflow over the drive, I wouldn't get that Zalman.