Z68 + 2500k / X79 + 3820

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Jun 4, 2013
I'm moving over to Skylake.

I bought this Z68XP-UD3p revision 1.3 not long ago. It is 100% complete and in mint condition. Has the most recent bios installed. Along with that is a 2500K that has never been overclocked. The CPU does not have its original box, the board does.

$180 shipped for the Z68 + 2500k SOLD

The X79 GA UD3 board and i7 3820. I bought the board new and it is 100% complete including the hard SLI bridges. I do not have its original box but I will ship it in a spare ATX box I have here and it fits perfectly. With that I have an i7 3820 that I have only pushed personally to 4.3 at stock voltages. It is 100% p95 stable at the 8 hour make where I stopped the program as I was satisfied at that point. I do have the original box for this CPU.

$250 shipped for the X79 + 3820

The X79 build I have used this solid for months at 4.3 and it is perfect!

Most recent bios installed. All items from a smoke free environment too.

Price includes shipping in the CONUS only. Paypal please. My heat is the same as my user name and my user name is the same on OCN for much further feedback and nearly 4K post count. You will not have a problem buying from me, ever.


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Still have a very nice i7 3820 and the X79 board :) Max temp I ever saw at 4.3 @ stock vcore was 51c on a Dark Rock Pro 3. I'm sure this can be pushed harder if someone OC savvy wants to mess with it.
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