Youtube Piracy Filter Blocks Content Owners Own Content


Just Plain Mean
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May 18, 1997
TorrentFreak is pointing out some oddities happening over at Youtube today. It seems that Youtube's piracy filter is blocking content that is owned by the channels it is actually hosted on. I have been watching this for a while this morning, and have seen some of MIT's vidoes go from blocked to unblocked to blocked. Youtube still hates Blender though.

Several popular YouTube accounts, including those belonging to 'MIT OpenCourseWare' and the 'Blender Foundation,' have had all their videos blocked. People who try to access the videos are informed that they are not available in their country, suggesting that YouTube's piracy filters have been triggered. It's unclear, however, who or what is to blame.
Glad they are "in control" of their system. Which brings me to the old saying "we don't test our code, but when we do its in production"

It's not always about testing. The system is stupidly easy to abuse so I wouldn't be surprised if a group is intentionly reporting this stuff to reach the threshold needed to trigger the auto block.
Youtube is becoming another dead platform soon if it keeps going this way.
"not available in your country" has got to be one of the saddest "errors" to get on the world wide web