You're Doing it Wrong

Everyone knows the pins are the best place to make contact with a heatsink and dissipate heat. It has been the rest of you who have been doing it wrong.
Not to be too off topic, but what happened to Steve? I've been seeing mostly Kyle posting lately.
I miss the old days of cracked Athlons. Wonder how many people tried to rma those.
Hmm it looks to me like they rested the CPU on the little square of thermal paste, moved it to the edge, before moving it back to the center, in an attempt to display the CPU and cooler in one picture as artistically as possible.

Initially I thought they some how mounted it wrong and dug into the metal of the cooler.
I'm not sure I understand the original post or what people think is wrong with the picture. Is this just poor photography? I mean.. if click the amazon link it's pretty obvious these aren't mounting instructions... so what am i missing?
Saw a few interesting configurations in my years of computing. Some technology just makes you scratch your head. 802.11, Core2Quad until now stock intel cooler lock clips (could you make it cheaper so it breaks easier please, it is too sturdy in every way). CPU cases that can't hold a gerbil without side wall propping (almost slipped there), etc. I still love you PC, even though you cut me often.
I miss the old days of cracked Athlons. Wonder how many people tried to rma those.

Probably not as many as you would expect. I had about a dozen of them across various models (and even a few Durons). About half of them got cracked corners at some point and kept right on going. Think I lost two to knocking corners off.
I'm pretty sure that if they put the cpu 'the right way' people would not have understood that it's a separate part from the heatsink i.e. the heatsink doesn't have pins sticking out of it's bottom.
Is this how we will need to cool rysen? I know for a fact AMD is still using 11 year old technology with those gold pins

just joking around ;)
they're just showing you what's included in the purchase, not how it's suppose to be installed...

Still, it would be fun to watch the person responsible die a slow painful death for his "crimes"
I can't believe they forgot to pack the pins with thermal paste. Amateurs.