XPG Core Reactor Gold vs. SuperNOVA GA Series Gold 650/750w


The Contraceptive Under the Sea
Jan 15, 2011
Picked up on sale XPG Core Reactor GOLD 650W (apparently it's using the new ATX standard if that means anything from Amazon I haven't opened it yet (650w) $135 so I can send it back. I think it's supposed to be good based on a Tweaktown review, however today I see a SuperNOVA GA Series 750 $140 and the SuperNOVA GA Series 650 $130. I've never considered EVGA for a PSU before but then again I never did ADATA/XPG either.

I just want a high quality part that I don't have to worry about. My understanding of PSU's and electrical engineering is just aweful so I hope you can help me out. Keep the XPG Core reactor or go for the SuperNOVA and why?

In terms of power usage I don't think I would buy a 3080 I'd buy something more like a RX 6700 (should one come out) or a RTX 3060/3070. 8 core CPU and 1080P gaming.