Xpadder 5.3 running on Windows 7


Aug 6, 2004
Xpadder is a program that allows you to map keyboard buttons and mouse movement to any gamepad in Windows, such as the Xbox 360 or Playstation controllers.

A friend recently asked me how to get the older, free version of xpadder 5.3 working on Windows 7, so I figured I should post this here as well. The exe has a windows version check built in because it must be ran with Windows XP or higher. When ran in Windows 7, it will tell you that the program requires Windows XP or Vista. To get around this check is pretty simple.

1) Move xpadder.exe where you want the program to run (this is a standalone application not an installer).

2) Download and install Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit - http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/...e9-b581-47b0-b45e-492dd6da2971&displaylang=en

3) Click Start > Microsoft Application Compatibility Toolkit 5.5 > then right click on Compatibility Administrator and Run as Admin.

4) Along the top, click Fix. Name the program entry as Xpadder 5.3, browse for the exe, then click Next.

5) Under Operating System Modes choose None. Then scroll down to the end of the list and check WinXPSP2VersionLie, then click Next.

6) This next page will allow you to further customise the application flags or add shortcut parameters. Xpadder doesn't have any special shortcut parameters, so click Next.

7) Check the purple box next to Checksum, so this fix will only apply to Xpadder 5.3, incase you decide to try a newer version later on. And click Finish.

8) You can save the database to a .sdb file if you wish.

9) When you're all set, right click on the database and click Install.

Now whenever you run Xpadder 5.3 on your PC, it will use the compatibility options that you chose and skip the version check. :)


Aug 28, 2007
I rarely play games which require me to use my gamepad, but when I do my gamepad of choice is the old Gravis Xterminator. To this day I have not found a controller that has felt better in my hands.

I haven't tried Xpadder on my Windows 7 install yet, but I am going to be soon since I've got a big LAN this weekend. I'll be needing that controller and this is very helpful, thanks! :)