XP / Vista File Sharing


Aug 13, 2005
Alright simple setup, I have two machines, one is a dedicated file server running XP Pro, another is a HTPC running Vista Ult 32bit. They each have their own wireless adapter (wireless bridges were too expensive), and they are connected by a gigabit switch.

The problem is I cannot get either machine to see each other's shared files (HTPC is sharing for demo purposes, wont be sharing once it gets working).

Since the switch obviously doesn't assign IP's, I set each machine as follows:

HTPC (Vista)

If there is a simple solution to all of this I would greatly appreciate it, I'm sure I could find it but at the moment I'm working 40hr work weeks, and I spent the last 3 days just getting the fileserver to work after getting an odd USB over current status error, which ended up being fixed by removing one of four memory sticks.