XP freezes while loading...


Nov 15, 2005
I finished putting together a new rig, and it was running fine for a day. Now, when I turn it on, it boots, then freezes while Windows is loading. How can I diagnose the problem? I reinstalled Windows and it worked for another day, butthen the same problem came back.
When you said for a day was that untill the first reboot or untill switched off for the night.

Are you Memtest86 error free ?
Anti-virus setup and working ?
Can you get into "Safe Mode" ?
All drivers & Windoze updated ?
System Specs ?
Or even which Windoze ?

More info would be helpful but my first guess would be a bad driver causing the freeze.

Luck.......... :D

Agreed, more info please. :) And I'm with the other posters, sounds to me like a bad driver. For some reason, if I install the drivers provided by my mobo manufacturer, windows won't load, only makes it about 4 seconds into the loading process then halts. The culprit, in my case, was the nvidia pci bridging drivers.

Diagnosis: bad drivers
Solution: boot into safemode and fix the problem.
no rebooting, but when turned off for the night.

what is "Memtest86 error free"? I can get into safe mode. The MoBo drivers installed where the ones included in the dics. It is a Asus A8N-Premium. So what drivers are bad? I'll start by downloading the drivers on the Asus website.
It's hard to tell if any one set of drivers is bad. I had to go through each one before I could find out.

Memtest is a utility that runs from a bootable cd, and is used to stress test your RAM, to make sure it's not broken or messing up. It's always good to have a suite of tools for testing your computer laying around. Check out www.ultimatebootcd.com for one such suite.

Also, see if windows update can find the drivers for you. That's how I had to get my mobo drivers up and running. And, as bad as this may sound, it's not always necessary to install all of the mobo drivers. My PCI bridging driver isn't needed because I don't use that feature, same with my SATA raid drivers. They only cause more problems. Best advice: if you don't need it, don't install it.

Also, go to the control panel, administrative tools, and check out the event logs. It should have a log of what's been happening to your computer. There will probably be errors logged around the times when the computer restarted or didn't finish loading windows, and they can sometimes make finding the problem alot easier. For isntance, if it says something like "error loading (insert driver here)" then it's probably safe to say that's where the problem is occuring. :)

Hope this helps some. good luck.
Thanks for all the replies. I just installed new drivers for the mobo, and it booted up normally. I took your advice and kept out Raid Sata since I'm not using it. I'm crossing my fingers..