Xiaomi Aims to Sell Smartphones in the U.S. This Year

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    May 13, 2013
    Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has wanted to sell in the U.S for some time, and Chairman Lei Jun has revealed that they hope to make this happen by the end of 2018 or early 2019. A report from Engadget states that getting into the U.S market will be tough, with adapting to American regulations and setting up infrastructure, but Xiaomi already sells some of its goods in the US, so some of it is already in place.

    I for one welcome the added competition. I switched to the Chinese OnePlus 3t a few years ago and have been very happy with the decision vs. handing over a pile of money to one of the bigger brands for essentially the same rectangle.

    Xiaomi may have to be content with selling unlocked phones. It may have to be picky about the phones it brings over, as well. High-end phones like the Mi Mix series are a safe bet, but it's a tougher call for budget hardware like the Redmi Note lineup or Mi A1.
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    Apr 10, 2003
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    I suspect doing business with, in, or for China is a mistake and detrimental to our long term success.
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    I've seen a few reviews of their devices. They actually look decent. Just curious - how many US companies will support their employees using this device? What if trade secrets go back to China?
    Then again, Lenova laptops are still selling in the US and I see plenty of them in the wild.
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    I switched from Galaxy phones to Xiaomi and it was a revelation for me, so I haven't gone back, a fraction of the cost, at least as good build quality (Xiaomi flagship devices) and actually more software updates. Right now I have the Mi Mix 2, which is more expensive than the usual Xiaomi flagship, but it is the first phone that really impressed me since years ago with the Maemo/Meego Nokia N9 and when I travel to the US it supports all the T-Mobile LTE bands (first Xiaomi to do so), so I pop in a T-Mobile at the 2nd SIM slot and I am ready to go. Only the camera could be better, but that's not why I bought it, and I guess the battery life is a bit worse than the Mi 5 and Mi 6 (2 days moderate usage), but still better than the Galaxy S8.
    So they will be a good choice when they are sold in the US, not just another Chinese brand.
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    I think it's awesome--we need more competition. I've heard good things about 3rd party ROM support for Xiaomi as well...
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    This company makes good stuff, they'll sell the latest spec'd phones at slim to none margins just to make some inroads - Snapdragon 845, 8GB ram, triple cameras yada yada - all for the distinct opportunity to apply some downward pressure on the Korean manufacturers, that I might end up with a Pixel 3 XL for less than $850. If they can pull that off, great.

    As for the spying concerns, just assume they already have access to anything they want anyway, happily supplied by our current U.S. administration (or lack of) that has no problem selling us all out.
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    China, korea, nsa, no matter where/what phone you purchase there is an argument the data is being skimmed and unethicaly used.

    In the US it is easy to belive corporate interest is also spying as well.

    No question someone out there, well many someones, know what kind of sicko pron your watching, the lube your using with that stalk of celery and which hand is doing what with who.

    It's why Kyle keeps letting you guys know about the offers for 200 gallons of lube on Amazon.
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    When you dial 911 it calls the Ministry of State Security instead, so you can report people.
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    Didn't they say the same thing when they hired hugo barra from google?
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    What's the current administration doing with the Chinese that could possibly be worse than selling them our most advanced missile guidance technology during the Clinton administration?