XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

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I like XFX because an X in the name makes things better so 2 must mean its really good.
Have always loved the transferable warranty XFX offers and whats not to like about a dual gpu video card that spanks everything else on the market! Sign me up, I need this baby!
Double lifetime warrenty is still quite awesome.

The shoelace express.
XFX has great customer support. RMA's I've done with them in the past have been trouble-free and the double lifetime warranty is great.
Working on restoring my 1994 mustang gt convertible. About to get a stroker kit... bad ass car, need a bad ass card to match...
I think its great that XFX offers the double lifetime warranty to help boost the trading value of their cards.
I have had nothing but good things happen with all XFX products I have bought. I like the double lifetime warranty, and they are the one Radeon card maker I trust the most! :D
Personally I like XFX for the double lifetime warranty and the fact that every card I or my friends have used has performed awesomely and overclock like they were made for it. Wait, most of them were. :p
The double lifetime warranty is where its at and their customer support (for me anyways) has been awesome!
i loved my xfx 7800 gt. what a beast that card was (is, just dont use it anymore)!!

when is the winner being picked???
XFX is my new favorite graphics card company since buying my 5870. Double Lifetime warranty FTW.
Awesome! I love XFX! My brother, father, and cousin and I, all rock XFX cards. It's our favorite gpu brand. Anytime we've had an issue, XFX has come through.
Its pretty, its powerful, plus I like the fact that this card will smoke what I'm runing now!!
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