XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

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I really like XFX because they put out a solid product and back it up with their support. Not once have I had an issue with the support they've given my GeForce card.

Oh...and it's not my ride but I've been in it,and that is me standing there ;)

have an XFX 5870 that has performed flawlessly , I NEED a 6990 , and since you brought it up , I drive....

I have an XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog and I love the 106c full load temps, and the ear-piercing whine of the fan! :eek:
i really like the idea of insane 4 monitor gaming... as well as the potential to be an independant contributor to global warming........
I have never used XFX video cards, but I do own and use an XFX XG31i motherboard, in one of my computers! Never once had a problem with it, and even talked a friend into buying the X58i when he upgraded. He was pretty impressed with it.
A lot of 1day newbies ITT.

Still have my XFX 8800 Ultra, first card I ever bought. HD 6990 would be a nice upgrade for a poor college student like me
I'm thoroughly impressed with XFX products. I've been using them for a long time and always had great customers service. I still have an xfx x1600. rebates are always lightning fast compared to other companies. This 6990 is a badass card if I I won it, I would probably buy a 30" 2560x1600 monitor to pair it with
Need this to upgrade my 4250 onboard graphics. Lol
Never used an xfx product. But like there warranties.:confused:
I enjoy the warranties coupled with the quality of the products. Although they never have broken on me yet, its great to know that my warranties are safe :)
I like XFX because they are giving away free stuff. That's a good reason to like someone, right?
I still have an XFX 8800GTX I use for video card testing. That thing was my main card for years and seems to be bullet-proof.
I have an XFX 8800GT Alpha Dog and I love the 106c full load temps, and the ear-piercing whine of the fan! :eek:

a little off topic but I bet my nvidia 5800 ultra (not XFX) makes your XFX 8800GT sound like a Paris street mime...hahaha
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6990 will be wicked fast!

Nothing but love for XFX here.... Great support & fantastic performance from my 5870!
I love XFX because of their wonderful warrenty and tech support and I have two XFX 5770s in my system and need a nice upgrade :D
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