XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

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Double lifetime warranty. However, I've never had to use their warranty because their cards are so solid. I've bought more XFX cards than any other brand to date.
I know XFX would rather for me to have those 6990s instead of this...

I've never had an XFX card, but with all this great talk about them how could I not want one.
I need more GPU Powah, plus transferable warranties are good.
Love the lifetime warranty! If someone wants AMD or it fits their build, I tell them XFX.
It's the fastest card Radeon has out right now who wouldn't want one. Could really use a new desktop system my laptop not cutting it anymore :/
Their customer support is awesome, and the card's I've had by them in the past have been beast mode.
I already own one XFX 6970 and would like to get Tri-fire! Best card ever BTW. Over Clocks very well. :)
I have always been a fan of the ATI brand. If I could afford it, I would jump on one of these..
XFX has great support and I've never owned anywhere near such a powerful single slot card. Pick me!
Huge fan of the double lifetime warranty. And the fact that XFX products don't look like a clown ate his makeup and vomited all over my computer hardware.
Great quality! Folded on a couple of overclocked 8000 series XFX cards 24/7 for 3 years. No hiccups!
Gotta love the XFX warranty. And my 5850 is no longer good enough to push respectable FPS @ 2560x1440 so clearly, a 6990 is needed!
Definitely the warranty. I wish this slowly dying HD 4850 in my computer wan an XFX. But then again, maybe if it was an XFX it wouldn't be slowly dying... I dunno...

I like XFX, I still have a pair of XFX 8800GT's, and I'm using an XFX power supply right now. I've never had to use it yet, but the lifetime warranty is nice peace of mind.
"Faster than the world's fastest video card." Can't beat that. It would be a HUGE upgrade from my crippled GeForce 9600 GSO.

Also, it would be a good excuse for me to get a better PSU... :D
I'm probably living to far away for entering the draw, but anyways:

Their support is hands down the best I have experienced.

After my 8800gt went boom with the bumpgate issue, I bought a 5850 after holding out with my old x1950xt for a year.(Sapphire) Was running a C2D on the Asus P5W DH Deluxe mb at the time. But couldn't make my 5850 work, tried first everything including switching psu,(bought a Coirsar hx620) and switching RAM. Mailed them, and got very rapid answer, and they really tried their best to help me out. In the end I had to return the card to the store, but their help was very nice. In the end after researching the issue over 2 weeks, I discovered that some ppl had the same issue with the same mb. Wasn't a problem with the gfx after all. Something about the PCiE slot not being able to deliver enough juice to the card.

Ordered a new mobo, P5Q Pro Turbo(Asus) and a new 5850, a MSi this time as it was the only card I could get hold of due to the epic backorder, and everything worked great.

Kudos to their support department for quick and good response though. Sorry you had to take the card back even if it wasn't defective..But who would have thought it was the mb when it worked with two 1950xt's, a 8800gts(borrowed) and a 6800gt(mine).
currently using an xfx card and it is a champ! I also love their double lifetime warranty and the card looking like sexy beasts are something extra :)
The 6990 is a helluva of lot faster then my single 4870. My other one died so I'm no longer Crossfired. :(
love XFX. i have a reference 5870 from them that has worked flawlessly for me for over a year now!

I like XFX for their warranty and their customer service. Those are the easily two most important things to look for when choosing a vendor.
I only buy XFX Cards. Because their service/warranty/etc/etc/ owns.
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