XFX Radeon HD 6990 Drawing!

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XFX HD6990 THE one card to rule them all!
XFX has the best support and the double lifetime warranty is the best in the business
What I like about XFX is the challenge inherent to saying their name three times fast out loud.
XFX' Lifetime warranty is great (along with their service) and the 6990 just seems like a beast considering it's the best card available.
Child Please! I ride in my family sedan an altima! but with this card it would make my computer faster! Hell ya!
XFX is a good company because their rebate service is super duper fast. Like, 2 weeks before the usual anticipation date fast.
Need more bling for my car! I can still return the card after welding it onto my car right? :D

Tell us what you like about XFX, the 6990
I have no idea. :p

or wuss out and post of pic of what you ride, drive, or walk around on!
I don't think anyone wants to see a picture of my feet. ;)
XFX lifetime warranty and the HD 6990 is the current fastest card. I would like to throw some games at it.
i love xfx because of their double life warrenty, and i want a 6990 because it is more power than my wife will ever let me have
Have had a bunch of XFX cards....been very pleased. Have a HD6950 right now, unlocked......
XFX's double lifetime warrenty
The company name also sounds like "the code words" adults can say in front of the kids when hinting at each other for 2x sex.
XFX has really great customer service coupled with a crazy warranty. The 6990 is a nice upgrade for my 5870 that has had given me blue lines on my screen since day 1. :(


Crossing my fingers...
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