XFX P1-650G-TS3X (650W Gold, single rail)

It can power either one individually without a problem. Both simultaneously however and you'd be pushing it. It'll probably work, but it would be to close to capacity for me to be personally comfortable with. Being so close to capacity, you're also adding another variable if you find yourself troubleshooting instability. I'd be far more confidant with 750watts if i'm pushing full load on both cards.
Uhmm.. I was thinking: what about using this unit in conjunction with the Fujitsu one on the other thread (with the add2psu).

Without the burden of powering up the system, will it be able to feed those two video cards comfortably?

Consider it is monorail (you don't have to bother about individual rails), and can provide a maximum of 54A at 12V.

Thanks! :)
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