XFX Black Edition PSU Drawing!

I love how solid they are. The one I have in my PC feels like a brick. It feels extremely premium.
I could use one of these power supplies to drive a second XFX 6950 when I get one. :)
XFX baby!! I have high hopes of having an almost exclusive XFX system some day ^_^ Check the sig for details

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At this point, a male student in the crowd inquired:

"How much for a season pass?"

"what you like about XFX's PSU line up"
They're made by Seasonic. :D
I like the large cooling fan that should be quiet and the modular features of these PSUs..
Have these been reviewed by [H]?
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black and green like the hulk, so there must be some power in there.
Ok a joke it is.

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A. Depends on the size of the perch!
I like that both these PSU's not only survived the [H] reviews, but also received Gold Editor's Choice awards. There's definitely nothing wrong with that!
XFX power supplies = teh sexah ! Actually well made from what I read. would be awesome to get that 850.
I have never used XFX's psu's but my XFX 285GTX is bad ass.

so here is my joke.

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What is the definition of a minor operation?

One performed on someone else...d;^)
Yellow is my favorite color and I need a new PSU as my current one can barely handle the GTX 480 in my system.