XFX Black Edition PSU Drawing!

I'll do both.

#1 I think these power supplies are awesome. Great looking and solid performance. I just cheaped out on a OCZ powersupply, cables are crazy short and multi rails aren't that great. I'd be happy to replace that.

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XFX power supplies look like they belong on an alien spacecraft, especially with the green. And I mean that in the good way.
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XFX has great customer service, and their warranties are fantastic. I love my XFX 6950 already, but I could use another XFX product to go beside it!
I'll let you know what I think about it once I receive mine in the mail. :D
I like knowing I have a quality component in my system and my house isn't going to catch fire when I leave my PC on overnight.

I'll toss in a joke while I'm at it :

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Got a 850 watt BFG power supply, but could use a psu for kids computer. 4830 makin her current psu smell like burnin wires. Lol
Love the looks and warranties on XFX products.:eek:
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I actually own one of these and it works great. I want to win it to give it to my other people.
Great efficiency, and sexy looks, make me really like their line up of Black PSUs.
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Whats not to like about XFX they have the best warranty's and IMO build very high quality parts. With customer service next to none you just can't go wrong with XFX.
This is one crazy nice PSU!
XFX double lifetime warranty and single high amperage rail to draw from are good things.
The logo on the side of the PSUs that make the PSU look like they are nuclear powered is priceless. Looks like the symbol of an Bohr's diagram of an atom.
I havent had an XFX PSU, but the [H]ard reviews for them have been excellent.
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