XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

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Would LOVE to get a second 7950, had good experiences with the brand with my old GPU, so i figured id upgrade to the 7950 with another XFX card :)


If thats not loyal then what is!
strangely loved the power ranger-like video that was on XFX's site :D LOL
Wouldn't mind having this card!
I will buy XFX for life, the only problem I ever had and their support was amazing. I've even talked my brother into buying XFX first for his customers!
This would totally be a kick-ass upgrade for my kids' rig!
Last XFX I purchased was an Nvidia product but it's still chuggin along woot. Gimme Gimme.

Totally want this card. Been having a hell of a time setting aside the cash for it though. The last thing I need to put in my system to. Haha.
This would make a great upgrade for my living room PC over the GTX 460 it is currently running. Props to [H] and XFX for making this giveaway possible.
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