XFX AMD Radeon™ HD 7950 Graphics Card Lucky Draw

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I have a 6950 2Gb running three 1920x1200 monitors right now. It would be great to get a nice upgrade.
Im just here to make your chances of winning smaller.... and the nice card of course :D
I defiantly need this! My 4850X2 is way past an overdue upgrade. I love AMD and I love XFX!
While my 4850 is still performing quite admirably for its age I would love to upgrade it. A 7950 would definitely be a beyond nice upgrade. :D
I fondly remember my XFX Nvidia GeForce 6600GT OC, in fact it's still running. Glad to see the quality of their cards is consistently high!
Have yet to own a dedicated graphic card, and the 7950 is the card I have been looking at for months. Would be awesome to win :) Thanks for holding the giveaway.
Just bought 2 x new EVGA 670's, and one of the fans just fell off. Maybe XFX make better products?
XFX 5770 and XFX 6870 still going strong. Would love to add a 7-series XFX to the family. Thanks XFX and [H]ardOCP for the offer.
I am in for a great card from XFX. Would be a nice upgrade from my current.
Heck ya, a chance to get rid of this x850xt. Thanks [H] and XFX for offering this awesome card!!
That this thread is on its 8th page already shows the popularity of the card and manufacturer.

And Kudos to [H] and XFX for making it an international competition.
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