Xeon, Athlons, MBs, Registered Ram? (new to Dual)


Jan 9, 2002
I usually read lots of reviews about stuff before buying, and specially ask around to people who actually use them, i like to get the best i can with my budget, the thing with Dual processor computers is that i dont have a clue, so its kinda hard to look for reviews when you dont know what to look for...

So.. now while im definitelly asking something i should'nt because it has been asked many, many times, i honestly dont have a clue. Ive read a few of the topics here, but....guess what... yes....i still dont have a clue.:D

Im going to give a complete and detailed explanation of whats ill use the box for, im not still sure if going Dual is an advantage, that why i need a few gurus (and non gurus) to guide my path.

The box will run Linux. (RH Enterprise, or RH9)
I need it for:

Encode video and audio from 2 different video streams, in DVD format, live. Using 2 PVR-350 cards. (this should not be a problem as the PVR's have hardware encoder. No stress to the CPU's. The recording will happen at the same time 50% of the time. Stability is critical because its live video and audio, that after it ends it must be delivered to the client in DVD. The video lengh is from 1h to 3h.

Ill be using mythTV , for the scheduling, even when its not exactly made for this, it should fit me well.

Encode audio (its only vocal no music) alone to wav (to be recorded to CDA), from 2 diferent sources while also encoding the video and audio from the 2 other sources.

I think ill need 2 audio cards for this, as the PVR's also record their own sound for video?

File server and Printer server.

Folding in "her" free time.

As i see it now, i guess i dont really need dual processors, but i do need really fast hard drives. But i would like to get a dual processor capable system, so i later just add another processor when i need it.

Also, i dont want to go with SCSI, because its way too expensive.

Maybe 2 raptors in RAID 0 and 1 or 2 160GB ATA drives for archival, files, etc.

What would you guys recommend?

All opinions are welcome, and thanks a lot in advance.

(Sorry if my english is not very good, its not my main language...)