Xbox One's New Guide and Home Screen Demoed


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Aug 20, 2006
Major Nelson is giving us a look at the Xbox One’s upcoming Creators Update and how the dashboard has evolved—we’ve got a more efficient Guide (Xbox button menu), multitasking improvements, updates to Cortana, and much more. I will admit that the UI looks slick, but I wish they would give me an option for hiding some of the social stuff and store highlights, being someone who misses the minimal and less cluttered system menus of consoles past. If you are invested in audio, you should scroll to the bottom of the article, which reveals that we may very well be getting games with Dolby Atmos. You can also, finally, bitstream Blu-ray audio directly to your receiver (which they should have let you done back in 2013).

…we’re beginning to ship the first wave of Xbox One features for the Creators Update to the Xbox Insider Program members. As Mike Ybarra shared last week, the Creators Update is packed full of new features for gamers who play on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs – in fact, we’re targeting hundreds of improvements across the board, noticeable by gamers and under the hood. Today’s update will start rolling out to a small subset of gamers, with the rest of the Xbox Insider Program receiving these features in the coming weeks. For gamers, the Creators Update is about performance, people, competition and streaming – getting you to the things you care about most as quickly as possible. Today, that will mean a faster Xbox One experience than ever before, connecting you with the applications, games and of course, friends, that you enjoy most.
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Aug 12, 2004
I hope it actually addresses the massive lag with the interface... Taking up to 30 seconds to respond to pressing the guide button is not acceptable to me... Also I like the UI on the XBOX ONE better than PS4 but overall it is way less responsive... I really hope they optimize it better...


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Apr 28, 2009
This new console generation just has shit UI navigation. It takes me 30 seconds to figure out how to launch a game when it should just default the god damn thing to the home page. Even on the PS4, what the fuck is this library bullshit, I just want to play the disc I inserted!


Jul 2, 2014
For some reason, I read 'doomed' instead of 'demoed.' Now I'm kind of bummed. It sounded like an unusual article.