XBox 360 controller vs XBox One controller


Jan 28, 2001
I currently have an XBox 360 controller and it works.

Is the XBox One controller much better ?

Yes, I can order it from Amazon and return it if I don't like it but I just wanted to get some opinions.
For PC gaming it would depend on the game if they designed it to use the features of the xbone controller, which is highly doubtful. Some people love the feel of the xbone controller, if you can return it I feel there is no loss, only gain to experience the difference if any.
On a side note some newer PC games natively support the PS4 controller but I do not think you get full feature set the ps4 controller supports, I have not tested myself to definitively say.
I do find my left thumb getting sore - I call it Xbox-itis.

Sort of like Atari thumb for those old enough to know what that is :)
It is significantly better for fighting games since the dpad actually works properly.
The 360 controller feels like a cheap piece of crap in comparison.
The 360 controller feels like a cheap piece of crap in comparison.

Eh? I have a launch-era X360 controller, a later "elite X360" controller (has adjustable D-pad and longer battery life) and a day one XBO controller (+ a blue one I picked up a while ago). The newer controllers feel cheaper and cheaper as each iteration comes out. The launch-360 controller is, by far and away, the most sturdily built. I couldn't believe at the cheap plastics MS used for the "elite X360" controller, I was surprised they got worse on the XBO.

Ergonomically, however, the XBO controller is my favorite.
I have a 360 controller hooked up to my PC and an Xbox One controller for my Xbox One and I can hardly tell a difference personally.
I feel like the Xbone controller is made for fat hands. I much prefer the comfort and grip on the 360 controller. Xbone d-pad does win though if you're big on using that.