x99 sideways upgrade


Apr 16, 2018
im currently running a evga x99 classified with i7 6850. never had an issue in any way. its been solid as a rock. knockin on woo. but im bored with it. ive been running it for almost 2 years and have gotten the most out of it in every way. no plans on getting rid of it either way. ill build something out of it eventually.
so i feel the need to upgrade but dont want to spend a ton o money on a new mb and cpu. at least not until the intel and amd updates later on this year early next. so im thinking about going with a different x99 motherboard that offers more in the way of features, ocing, etc. im pondering the asus rampage V edition 10 or the gigabyte designaire ex. it will be heavily oced and used for gaming photochop and some browsing of course. knowing the above which would you go with or is there another board or path you would take?


Extremely [H]
Feb 9, 2002
I wouldn't bother upgrading from where you are at all. You won't be getting a lot of features or additional performance changing to a newer X99 motherboard.