X470 Taichi Ultimate


Apr 5, 2019
I've been running this board for 2 years and currently with a 3950x/ 3600 "b" die corsair memory, and I've been on bios 3.90 ever since it came out. This morning I flashed to the new bios 4.60 which adds 5000 series support, just in case I ever decide to put a 5000 processor in it sometime in the future. Upon reboot, my memory wouldn't go above 2666 (normally runs at 3800) no matter what voltage I threw at it, I finally go on into windows and neither of the ethernet connections would work at all and reloading the drivers did nothing. I flashed back to 3.90 and everything is normal again. It really makes no difference in the long run as tomorrow I will be swapping the entire system out to a 5950x/6900XT/X570 Tomahawk and the 3950x setup will become my backup system, just wanted to share my experience with this bios update for this board.