X200 2.4.22 softkeys don't work


Jun 9, 2002
I recently decided to upgrade and change some kernel configurations. While this has helped me deal wtih some issues, it has created other ones.

One of the biggest changes I made is removing apm support and adding acpi support instead. However, I notice now that none of the softkeys work. The functions that deal with Fn don't work except the most primative ones such as number lock and scroll lock. Things like increase/decrease brightness and switch to crt/lcd don't seem to work at all. Suspend doesn't work, but I'm saving that to work on another day, and volume up and down never did work.

Any help simply getting the brightness and the switch display keys working would be greatly appreciated. This might simply be a matter of turning something on in the kernel, I'm not sure what category these things fall under in kernel.

I am running debian on a 2.4.22 kernel.

Of course, I could be totally, wrong, and it might not be the kernel at all...