X-Men Origins Wolverine Blu-ray $23 w/Wolverine bust & $50 Gift Card


Supreme [H]ardness
Sep 17, 2004
http://www.bestbuy.com/site/X-Men+O...&st=x-men origins wolverine blu-ray&lp=2&cp=1

For $23 you are getting:
Blu-ray of the movie,
The digital copy of the movie for your lappy and/or iPod
Small Wolverine bust for your mantle
$50 Gift Card for Sideshow Collectibles.com

Warning! The Sideshows Gift Card can only be used on items that are 'gift card eligible'.
Right now not many items on their site are 'gift card eligible' but these gift cards last until
12/31/2010 and items get added to (and removed) from the 'gift card eligible' list frequently.

Examples of items that are 'gift card eligible':
Lifesize Predator Mask with laser beams lights
Modern Iron Man statue
Captain Harlock PVC figure

In a few minutes I am going down to Best Buy to buy 3-4 of these to give away as prizes for my site.
id watch it again, not sure if id pay 23$ for it and i dont have a blueray player =P

i did check out the predator mask pfft

Chopper Predator Mask
Prop Replica

Item Number: 400015

Manufactured by: Sideshow Collectibles

Price: US $299.99
Sorry, I don't trust Sideshow Collectibles to have anything "eligible" that I'd want. I've had history with them for years before I ever heard of this forum, and while not a bad group (I've spent hundred there over the years) I just don't think that the $50 would buy me anything particularly good.

Also? The workprint of Wolverine was significantly better than the final edition. And I already own the final edition.

Seriously, let Sabertooth call Deadpool (in essense) a "homo". It's more fitting than the PC crap in the final edition.