X-Fi Prelude issue with SPDIF-out in Vista


Nov 29, 2007
I wonder, maybe someone knows what to do.

I'm using Yamaha HTR-6030 receiver and it is connected to Prelude using optical cable.
In Vista the Prelude's SPDIF Output is configured as default, the output format is set to DTS/48k. The console is in Gaming mode.

The problem:
Since without DDL driver prelude sends only a standard stereo signal, I use receiver's Prologic decoder to spread the signal on my 5.1 speakers. When I start a game or a movie or an mp3 player I switch the receiver into Prologic Game/Movie/Music mode. It works fine until I close or pause the game/movie/music player. It seems that Prelude completely stops sending any signal over SPDIF and I end up with the receiver switching back to 'Straight' mode. So basically I have to constantly juggle receiver's modes.

I tried to make the onboard AD1988B sound card the default output and it works fine - the receiver stays in the same mode until I switch it myself.

I wonder what the heck is going on...:confused:


Oct 13, 2003
I haven't heard of that issue. But the new DDL drivers should be out any moment now; that bug may be short lived.