WTT/FS: Leopold TKL Mechanical Keyboard w/MX Black Switches


Limp Gawd
Nov 18, 2010
Ideally, I'm looking to trade this keyboard for another board with mx brown/blue switches as I'm moving away from this fps-focused switch to one more suitable for typing.

I bought the keyboard about a year ago, but it hasn't moved from my desk since then and is in really great shape. No shining on the keys, no squeaking, only thing I can see is a little dust caught up in the non-slip pads but other than that it's like new. I have the original box, keyboard, detachable cable and proof of purchase - only thing missing is the little velcro loop that came around the cable.

EDIT: I'm much more inclined to trade but would accept $90 shipped, thanks
heatware seems to be down right now, but I'm ramenraider on there too if you want to check it out when it comes up.

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