WTT: Brand New black iPhone XR 128gb+cash for iPhone XS 256 - not max

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Apr 4, 2009
Long shot... but I figured I'd try. I prefer the smaller screen of the XS. The phone should be in excellent-to-mint condition, with no scratches on the screen. Factory unlocked as well pls.

The XR was taken out of the box, put in a case and screen protector applied. Otterbox and a clear case included with the XR.
Funny, I’ve actually been wanting to swap my XS for an XR.

I need to talk to AT&T first but I might just do this.
How old is it? 256gb? and what's battery health at? Also, what is the condition of the phone? Color?

Let me know how you make out with AT&T. I'm currently working off a 6S... so I'm used to the smaller screen. I wanted to like the larger phone... but just so used to the smaller screen.

In case you wanted to see a picture of the actual phone:

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Still have it? Willing to sell it outright? If so, price?
Gave it to my wife to use... So no longer for sale. Sorry. I'll lock the thread.
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