WTS: Socket F parts


Aug 6, 2011
I started building a cluster, then halfway through I got bored and stopped.
Up for sale:

5 H8DME-2-LS006 motherboards - these are custom SM boards made for 3Leaf Systems, and have a third socket for a custom Hypertransport ccNUMA ASIC, sadly, 3Leaf folded and the product never came into being. The board has 1 PCIe x16 slot.

5 Supermicro 560W PSU's - 1U 80+ Bronze supplies

10 Socket F 2U heatsinks - passive heatsinks for the boards above

48 1GB sticks of DDR2-ECC
16 2GB sticks of DDR2-ECC
10 Opteron 2419 hex-core processors - 1.8GHz 75W hex-cores, can be FSB OC'ed slightly via software on the above board (got to 2.1GHz the last time I tried)

Boards and processors are brand new, RAM, PSU's and heatsinks are used.

Basically, I don't want to go out and ship sticks of RAM and such all day. So the pricing is as follows:

One node:
1 motherboard
2 CPU's
2 heatsinks
16GB of memory
1 power supply

for $110 + actual shipping via carrier of your choice to your location.
The above config used to do ~20K PPD a couple years back (it's about as fast as a 4GHz core i7 I think, but don't quote me on that!) Total power consumption should be ~300W.
If you want to go processorless (and add your own HE/EE CPU's) you can have the rig for $100. Go memory-less for another $10 less.

Buy all 80GB of memory for $200.
Buy all 10 processors for $150.
Buy everything for $500 + actual shipping.

PayPal preferred, will consider other forms of payment as well.

Stats are processing, I'll post my badge when they're back up.


Aug 6, 2011
Bump, 4 left.
Will sell everything left for $300+shipping, I want these parts out of here!