WTS: Blue Yeti Mic, 4K / 1440P IPS monitors , X360 / PS3 / Modded Wii consoles, Corsair 800D case + More. WTB: WD / HGST 8TB+ "shucked" HDDs


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Jun 9, 2003
Quite a few items for sale! Before we get started...

Email - ranceDOTjusticeATgmailDOTcom (minor attempt to discourage mail harvesting crawlers ; please replace capitalized with described punctuation)
Heatware - https://www.heatware.com/u/17974/to
Shipping - Unless mentioned (usually on larger/heavier items), shipping is included. Typical carrier is USPS Priority. Requests to use specific carriers or shipping method are welcome, though they may require an additional charge. Local pickup may be possible as well, in the DC metro area.
Payment - I'll accept Cash (local), Zelle, PayPal, Google Pay, and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin , Monero.)

FS / WTT::

Blue Yeti Blackout - $115 - Barely used except to test when my other mic went bad, this is a "blackout" colored version of the popular USB condenser microphone. 4 pickup styles (such as Cardioid, omnidirectional, and stereo) give plenty of options for quality recording. Comes with all major accessories (ie desk stand, USB cable etc). Note: The box advertises Assassin's Creed Origins but the game is not included.

Monoprice 32" 4K IPS-type FreeSync HDR monitor - $300 + shipping - This monitor from Monoprice offers 3840x2160 resolution at 60hz, HDR compatibility, FreeSync, an IPS panel style with wide gamut 1.07 billion colors (ie 10bit effective), 2x HDMI + 2x DP inputs, w/ slim bezel, VESA mount compatible!

Monoprice 27" 1440p IPS-type FreeSync monitor - $180 + shipping - One of their IPS ZERO-G line, this monitor offers 2560x1440 @ 60hz, FreeSync, IPS panel style, with a DVI-D connection. DVI > HDMI converter included!

HighPoint RocketRAID PCI-E cards, model 620 and 640 - $50 for 620, $75 for 640 ; $100 for both - New in box. Mounted in a PCI-E Slot (4x), these are internal SATA RAID hardware cards with either 2 ( 620 ) or 4 (640) drive connectivity respectively. Reports of both Windows and Linux support. If you need to turn PCI-E into SATA ports or want to set up a RAID array on a hardware device instead (RAID 0, 1, 5 etc) these may assist.

Xbox 360 Elite , Playstation 3 "phat", MODDED Wii models / game bundles - Prices vary based on console and games selected. "Packages" with console+all games + accessories = $200-300 - These are some of the higher end or more desirable models such as the Xbox 360 Elite (black) and Playstation 3 original "phat" model w/ full backward compatibility. Both models are friendly to/compatible with custom firmware , unlike some other console versions. The Wii is modded with the hardware "WODE" mod, able to seamlessly load Wii game images from USB HDD for your convenience.! All come with core accessories, some may come with additional ones (ie PS3 comes with Dual Shock 3 JP Import Silver color controller, in addition to original SixAxis) I have a selection of games available for each, PM for the list of which you're interested. Otherwise, give me some time and I can compile it here. ***NOTE: Full listing of games delayed thanks to COVID19; those not in my possession (borrowed, relative's house etc) will be returned ASAP and as soon as they are, I will post the list. All consoles are currently in my possession and I will list games in-hand. Thank you***

RARE Sylvania VP72000 LaserDisc player - $200 + shipping - This LD player offers a retro-chic exterior but unbeknownst to most it used enhanced audio and laser pickups designed for industrial applications, giving it better readability and quality than most consumer LD players in its field. More info - http://www.laserdiscarchive.co.uk/laserdisc_archive/sylvania/sylvania_vp7200/sylvania_vp7200.htm - . Assorted LaserDiscs are available as well , for those interested.

Asus Xonar DX PCI-E sound card - $70 - A solid mid range PCI-E audio card, capable of up to 7.1 channel audio and using a well supported chipset. A great way to step above insufficient integrated audio, plus add versatility (7.1 analog, digital coax/toslink, headphone etc.) without spending a fortune.

Corsair Obsidian 800D Full/Super Tower - $150 + Shipping - Those who want plenty of room to work with a sleek, slightly old school vibe (note - it has 5.25" bays, which many lament the passing thereof!), check out this aluminum faced monolith! E-ATX mobo compatibility, 5 hot-swap 3.5/2.5 drive bays w/backplane (upgraded to 2nd enhanced revision), 360mm radiator compatibility, among other features make it a great case especially for storage builds or those who want a less "flashy" approach.

RARE Authentic SNES cartridge "Earthbound" + Official Player's Guide - $600 - Video game collectors know that this is one of the rarer titles out there. This is an authentic, non-reproduction Earthbound NTSC (NA/US) cartridge w/ protective plastic guard + the official Nintendo Player's Guide. Guide has original "cards" still included! Regrettably, I don't THINK I have the box designed to contain both game and guide (w/ the large box, it routinely sells for 1000-1500+ USD), but I'll keep checking. I know I have a few other legacy Nintendo, SNES, and PS1 era rarities and curiosities (Working Designs fans- I have a pristine set of Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Complete w/ necklace!).


WD or HGST 8TB+ storage HDDs - These are WD Red / Red+ / Gold or HGST He8 / He10 equivalent drives often included in WD Elements / EasyStore external HDDs. I'm specifically looking for models that A) have the larger cache option where they are variations. For instance, 8TB has 265mb made in Thailand vs 128mb made in China; I'd prefer the former. and perhaps more importantly B) are Helium drives. Proof of this can be found by hooking up the drive (doesn't even need to be taken out of its external enclosure) and running CrystalDiskInfo. If Field 22 (or 16) is present and valid, then you have the right drive type!

Any questions or issues just let me know! Pics can be provided upon request.
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