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Dec 31, 1969
Totally not tech related but I couldn't pass up posting this "what the hell did I just see" video of the day. I've seen this over land before but have any of you ever seen something like this over a lake? Regardless, it's just kinda neat to see this in action.
I've seen this (although not quite this large) over Lake Ontario a few times rolling over Toronto. That's pretty spectacular though.
Very awesome! And thank you for telling what WTHDIJS means, or I'd be Googling. Must be getting old.
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See this in the Bay area every few days on the mountains separating the Bay from the Pacific.
Very cool. Did the movie Independence Day have something like that? It's been years since I saw it, so might be mistaken.
Roll cloud

While terrifying they are entirely harmless

Now if you see a rolling shelf cloud (You see this rolling cloud attached to a larger cloud mass) get the hell inside and take protection as their mega updrafts often cause them to tilt downwards and produce some of the strongest tornado's recorded
I'm reminded of the clouds in Independence Day. Then an alien ship comes out of it
That's the volatile chem trail they use to fake climate data to attack our freedom.

Is that what the big deal is with chemtrails? I thought people were worried about them spreading chemicals on the populous for mind control drugs they created in the 60's...

I just can't keep up with conspiracy theories anymore.

Pretty cool video. Everything was moving so fast, though. Almost like a silent movie... :D
Steve I think you know what that is, That is our soon to be Alien overloard scrubbing the CO2 from the atmosphere. After all, they want to have a nice, clean healthy planet to rule.