WTB/WTTF x99, 2011-3 motherboard, or decent cpu+mobo combo


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Jun 21, 2016
I killed the x99 board in my main desktop. I am looking for a decent price on a board or a upgrade to the current rig. I was running a es 10 core 10 thread xeon so preferably something around or above that range.

Such as:
x99 or dual lga 2011-3 motherboard
am4 combo (8 core and above)
lga 3647 motherboard (I already have chips)
sp3 motherboard or combo.
cheap x58 motherboard (and Ill bin and overclock all the many xeons I have)
maybe others.

I am looking to either purchase outright, or potentially trade some intel phi gear if anyone has sp3 or lga 3647 gear.
An example of that gear is a 2u server with dual s2600ap nodes each with a total of 64 cores 256 threads and 16gb of mcdram per node. I can build the servers in many different ways or just trade parts if someone is trying to get a board to run their phis.

server timestamps-

what else I have for trade- https://hardforum.com/threads/fs-gp...us-256-thread-cpus-systems-much-more.2008722/

heat under cdabc123

pics of temp desktop (4 core celeron at a blistering 1.83ghz with 2gb of ram) vs old rig if anyone is curious what warrents the struggle.
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Bump for an awesome guy. Wish I had something but alas my X99 board is beginning to die as well :(
whats your budget :eek:
The chineseium and oem x99 boards are ~$100 on eBay so ideally less then that for a normal board.

More ideally, a trade for either just the board or a partial trade for board plus CPU combo. I can throw in money depending on the gear and value difference.
I have a x99 setup, check out my signature. I haven't used it for a bit. Need to dig it up. I don't think it has a 5820k, but rather a xeon I believe. PM me if you are interested.

may also be intrested in lga 3647 boards or dual lga 2011v3 boards.
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No beans?

If someone has a lga 1366 mobo for dirt cheap let me know and I'll bin and overclock all the 1366 xeons I have.

I suppose that would be just as good as a nice 10 core :p
Let's see.. I have an EVGA X58 3X SLI with a Xeon 6 core (was it L5639?) in it collecting dust here. Has 6x4GB DDR3 sitting in it.
I'm currently sitting at my work workstation which is an ASRock X99 Extreme4 with an i7-5820K in it. I sold its twin a few months ago, but still have the i7-5960x Extreme with its original box available. I've been debating whether i should keep this rig or sell and move to Ryzen.
Any interest in these?
Sucks... If you get your hands on a mobo I have a ES 10 core 20 thread CPU I just pulled out of my wifes old x99 rig my son now uses. CPU runs at 2.1Ghz. Let me know if you can use it.. I'll drop it in the post for ya.
I ended up trading for a 3900x combo, thanks for the offers
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