WTB: WQXGA 2560x1600 16-17" Screen Laptop


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Mar 22, 2015
My first WTB after many years of buying on here and hoping my HF peeps can help me out. (y)

I've been using the WQXGA 2560x1600 resolution for a decade (decades?) now, and it's too much of a jolt to work at any other res including 2560x1440, which isn't tall enough. In the last few years there's been some laptops that came with a 2560x1600 screen, and that's what I'm looking for since I think the prices have fallen enough that I can afford one.

Use case will actually be more of a thin client setup where it will simply rdp over an ipsec tunnel to another system doing the heavy lifting, so the only thing that really needs to be good on the unit is the screen, keyboard, a bit of storage, and battery life. Even ram can be as little as 4/8GB as long as win7 or some flavor of linux can install on it that has an l2tp ipsec client and an rdp client. A keyboard with numpad and a larger screen (16-17") is a requirement as it's already going to be a pain to be without my model M and trackman wired (yes these two have spoiled me royally).

I know there were models made by LG, Lenovo, Dell, Asus, MSI and others that have the screen (as that's usually the limiting spec), and I'm open to any manufacturer except the generic knockoff stuff (if they even made something this nice). For budget I'm trying to keep under ebay prices--although if it's close I'd rather buy from someone on here.

Now there is an upgrade to 2560x1600--WQUXGA 3840x2400 which I've seen in the wild that I could also potentially use since it is also 16:10, but I believe it would be too expensive right now unless someone is getting rid of one in a 'divorce sale' or other sale at an insanely good price. Still, if someone has one feel free to PM me about it.

Since I've mentioned 16:10, the predecessor to 2560x1600 was 1920x1200, but it is too low of a resolution for my use case so unfortunately those are out (unless win10 iot rdp 'scaling' of 2560x1600 onto 1920x1200 is good, but I never looked into that--feel free to enlighten me via PM, PM so admins don't get mad about thread clutter).

Payment by PP and I can cover shipping to 94010 via a prepaid UPS label. Cash if local which would be awesome because I could really use it this week.

I'm sure I've missed a thing or two on my first post, so feel free to reply and I'll update the post with corrections/additions. Thank you in advance!
Bump for you.

Just picked this up open-box from Microcenter for $197.


Absolutely phenomenal. Runs off USB-C with no other cables required. Image is beautiful and the extra screen real-estate is awesome for remote work.

Best of luck on your hunt!