WTB: Windows tablet that runs Win 11


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Dec 29, 2000
WTB Windows tablet, something that will run 11 without hacks, upgrade able storage if under 128 gig and keyboard. No gaming being done on this rig.
Dell Business Class Latitude 7320 win11 Tablet (latitude has insanely good build quality)
i7 1180G7, 16gb, 512gb, 13" (2220x1080) touchscreen
Comes with the machine and the original detachable keyboard.
Has Pen support but doesn't come with one included. Has a cool magnetic spot to hold a dell touchpen though.

Only had it for 60 days, used it maybe twice.
I got this for myself then ended up changing jobs and they gave me a work laptop.

Goes for $1k, I'd do $580 shipped to your door.
I paid for the better full coverage dell warranty until Oct 2027 (cost me close to 200 for that alone lol)

I can share the Dell Service Tag so you can confirm specs and upgraded warranty

I can send pics if you're interested. Just let me know.

This is a good video review of the machine:

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Where is shipping to and what is the payment method?
Sorry to compete with Zoop99, but I have almost the same machine with a few more items.

PM coming your way, but mine comes with a detachable backlit keyboard & rechargeable pen that docks in the keyboard.
2x Thunderbolt 4/USB-C ports which is how it also charged.
Windows Hello webcam to sign on.
Dell rechargeable external laptop battery with the Dell USB-C adapter

Only selling because I ended up with too many laptops (again)