WTB Vesa adapter plate from HP Omen/Pavilion 32"

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Jun 4, 2007
Looking for a retail adapter plate and screws for it from a HP Omen or Pavilion 32" monitor. I want to get one of the refurb Omen's but they don't come with the adapter plate and I only have 20" clearance from the Ikea cabinets above my desk.

Zip is 76010 First class is fine
I don't have used, but I bought adapters for my Pavilion 27XWs from http://www.gladiatorjoe.com/ and it works well.
Won't work. The attachment screw goes down into a shelf in the back vs straight into the back like the Pavilion/Omen 32"
See attached image. There is a screw hole just under that shelf in the back of the monitor. Gladiator Joe just confirmed they are purchasing a HP Omen 32" to build their own adapter plate but I was told $20.99 and 9-12 for shipping. At that rate with the current Ebay discount on one of these refurb Omen's ($259.99)+(Adapter plate $32.99 on the high end) Might as well wait around for another $300-$325 sale for a retail Omen 32" for the full warranty vs 90 days.



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