WTB: Steam Deck

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May 13, 2013
Looking for a steam deck. If it's a 64gb model I'd prefer it to be upgraded.

Long story short my wife has to have spinal surgery October 11th, and I want to get her one so she can play while recovering. I can't afford one new from Valve, especially as I'm still waiting to find out what the co-pay is going to be.

So seeing what you [H] bastards may have. So if it's just been sitting on your waifu pillow, or docked on your $10k desk next to your quad SLI 4090s in a pile of blow not being used, or even left in your GTR with orange wheels and you forgot you had it, help a brother out haha.

Will be shipped to 34669, or I can pick up if localisih. Have PayPal or local cash.
I might be willing to part with mine. It's a 256GB model with a 256GB SD card and 3rd party dock with ethernet.
I hardly used it, probably 10 hours max on it. $450 PayPal F&F

Not open for further replies.