WTB: Something better than Radeon 5770

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Dec 22, 2005
Hi all,

Looking for something better than a Radeon 5770 for my son. Looking to spend around $70 shipped. We just went the Ebay route and found a Sapphire 6790 for $58, but I've been fighting it for a couple days and have come to the conclusion it is faulty. Currently in the process of returning and getting a refund through Ebay, so I will use those funds to purchase this.

Would like something comparable if possible.

I do Paypal, and pay hella fast in hopes you have a nice card and can ship hella fast in return.

Ebay feedback under Chesssmoove123
Heat under Smoove910

Lemme know what you have!
There is a gtx 460 on here for $60 shipped do a quick search and you should be able to find it
Couldn't find anything still for sale through a search. I guess I should be specific that I am looking for ATI/AMD cards only.

Thanks anyways!
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