WTB: Sega Genesis & Games


Limp Gawd
Jan 8, 2005
Hey I am looking for a Sega Genesis that someone would want to let go of cheap. Also I am looking for any of the Mutant League Football or Hockey Games! (Favorite games ever)... So let me know if anybody has anything! Thanks

*Update* Now just looking for the Mutant League football or hockey... :(
I'm pretty sure I have a Genesis in the basement, crammed into an old PS1 box. :)

Send me a PM with an offer, and I'll see if I can find it.

I am certain I don't have those games. But, I do know I have a few, Soldier of Fortune (maybe that is not the name of it), X-Men, and a couple others....

Make me an offer, and I'll see if I can find it...
Man, I use to own both. Don't know what the hell happened to them. They just disappeared.

Then again, it might have been my damn nephews. Those kids were always trading or selling my games.

bump for some kickass classics.......that you're looking for
bump.......i loved those games...games that advocated cheating with super powers.
I've got a Genesis (it's the 2nd model they came out with) with 1 controller, the rf adapter, and two really shitty sports games. Don't have any manuals, but I have the box and packaging that the genesis came in. It's just been lying around my room in the box not getting used. Last time I checked it ran great. I'll get some pictures up for you as soon as I can find my camera. Let me know if you're interested and we can figure out a price / shipping / whatever.

E-mail: uzum4ki@gmail.com
Non-Free: uzum4ki@student.bcc.ctc.edu (I don't check it often)
MSN: uzum4ki@gmail.com
AIM: uzum4ki

My heatware is uzum4ki, but I don't have any evals yet. The only reference I can think of is the member StinkyMojo. That's it I think.
i have 2 genesises and quite a bit of games - the older version and the youunger one with controllers adapters and im pretty sure its got everything - pm me if interested and ill test everything u want
PM and e-mail sent your way, gotta get them addresses. ;-)

The games are John Madden '93 and Lakers Versus Celtics.
Address sent...

Anybody find any good places to buy Mutant League football or hockey? I went to try and buy it online yesterday at a place gamespot.com recommended but their service was messed up when I tried to checkout. I saw 4 or 5 on ebay but I dont have an account on there (since I dont wan't to get hooked lol)... Thanks :)
the Mutant League Hockey was sweet, i loved that game.. i have no idea where my game ended up :(