(WTB) SanDisk Sansa Fuze


May 4, 2005
A while back now i purchased a Sandisk Sansa Fuze 8GB from someone from the forum. My wife has used it every day since i have got it but it died the other day so im in the market for a replacement. My wife has had 9 back surgeries and as a result has a weekend grip so the weight of the fuze helps her know its in her hand. My wife suffers from many issues, but holding light objects is really an issue for her and most mp3 players made now strive to be the lightest possible and thats not what im looking for. she also likes the wheel it has, but that's something shes just got use to.

I know i can go buy a 20 to 30 dollar mp3 player brand new but she likes the way this one works and they don't make it any more, so im looking to buy one used or new old stock of anyone has one.

I have bought and sold many things over the years and i know the people here are great, so i thought i would ask if somone could help me out with my issue. I know its an odd item to look for.

Im not concerned on the size of the player as i THINK all fuze players like im looking for have a built in micro sd slot and i have a 32gb and a 64gb micro card so il buy any size of the player as long as its the right player. the player also came in black, silver, purple, red and a few other colors. im open to any color as well, as i said im trying to get the right player for my wife as shes using a newer player now and she keeps dropping it and loosing it as a result of dropping it and looking for 2 inch player in a house is a pain in my A$#.

BTW this is an image of what the player looks like:

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Sep 13, 2009
Jeez, I believe I still have mine from several years ago. I purchased it new, used it for around a month or so and then have hardly ever used it since.

However, I don't remember it having that home button but I could be wrong. I'll dig er out, plug it in, and make sure it still operates fine before making a decision on selling it.

I know I still have the little cloth pouch that it stores in as well as the charging cord. ;)

I'll get it dug out tomorrow after work and let ya know man.

Oh, and do you have heatware?

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Feb 1, 2005
Bump...I have one but the power slide button is worn. Still works. I think mine is only a 4gb version. You can have it for price of shipping if I can find it.