WTB: PS3 for good price, one that is considered BwC


Nov 14, 2005
Looking for a ps3, preferably with a few games or blu-ray dvds so I have something interesting to do as soon as it is collected. With the announcement of HD-DVD no longer in the format race, I'd like a PS3 because well, who wouldn't want a multi-tool ;).

I would be willing to trade computer parts for. If you might be interested in trading, let me know and I will let you know what I have.

I have some guitar equipment to sell as well, a line 6 POD pro, a great item and served me well. If interested I will give a price. I also have a Marshall Valvestate 100. Two owners, but it has stayed within the family, so it has been treated like a child. The marshall has been lightly smoked around but no known problems. I know this isn't a place for guitar equipment but I figured I'd give you guys a choice before I throw em on ebay!
I don't have any heatware, I created a profile but all the people I've bought from off of [H]Forum FS/T section did not have heatware. I do have ebay, and a rating of 2 (I don't bid on much on ebay but have 100% pos feedback.