WTB Portable (or otherwise fold flat) monitor - threw mine out a window.


Extremely [H]
Oct 11, 2001
Literally just flung the LePow (aka LeShit) one out a window because the stand was garbage. Looking for any other portable monitors that can lie flat when not needed. Anyone got one not in use? Heat under Lopoetve.
I'm certain I have it. I may be a victim of wife cleaning. I'll try to find it ASAP.
Yeah this portable one I got has a ipad cover like stand, and it doesn;t stay put. It's not the same brand as yours either. :/
I got this one. The “stand/cover” is useless as shit though.

I just use a plastic plate stand and it holds it perfect.
I have one that lays on its back, not sure how flat.....I want to upgrade to a larger touchscreen model. PM Me if interested.
I own the LePow one as well. I got my BIL an Asus one. It is much, much nicer - they have a tripod mount and Asus sells a stand as well (Asus Stand MTS02D). Basically a single, threaded screw post in the back of the monitor.