WTB: Phenom II X6 1075T/1090T/1100T

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Evil Penguin

Limp Gawd
Mar 29, 2011
Hello, I'm looking to buy any of the following model Phenom II X6 CPUs:

1075T (Black Edition)
1090T (Black Edition)
1100T (Black Edition)

Please let me know if you're willing to sell one.

Thank you.
Bump. Best of luck finding some of those golden oldies. Hope you come up with one.
those 1090T's are pretty nice for their time. Still running one on one of my desktops Was just thinking of selling the whole system not too long ago but will probably just reimage it and keep using lol
I was so proud of my 1100T when I got it on release day! Eventually swapped to intel and became a huge intel buff, but lately I have been tinkering with AMD chips again : ).... Bump it up! Hope you find what your looking for
Not open for further replies.