Wtb: PC Parts for My Son


Apr 9, 2002
My 8 year son has a AMD Phenom pc that recently died. I’m looking for a replacement motherboard cpu and ram. He plays Minecraft and Roblox mostly so it doesn’t have to be anything fancy. Please let me know what you have available, thanks!
I have a 5900x, ASRock B550m Phantom Gaming 4 and 2x16gb 3600 kit of DDR4 CAS 18 Oloy brand RGB RAM for sale for $300 shipped.

No cooler but I was using an AK500 on it and they go for about $45-$50'ish
If you want/need cables, fans or other miscellaneous parts/items (most new or gently used), please buzz me, as I have a large assortment from my many years of building custom rigs for my clients & myself....and will gladly let them go for modest prices (maybe even some freebies too !)