WTB: Palm M125 palm pilot USB Cradle


Jan 24, 2001
I am wanting to buy a palm m125 palm cradle.
It has to be a palm cradle, and it has to be usb , and it has to work with an m125. I wouldnt mind getting 2 cradles if truth be told . I am trying to use them in a project so condition is not important as long as they work.
looking to spend at most 20 bucks shipped for each one.

let me know if yall want to deal :D

contact email :
swatchie @ junglemate . com primary - free email
swatchie @ austin . rr.com - paid email.

heat under Swatchie and yes I know I have a neutral from init6, and there is nothing i can do to get rid of it, but it wasnt from me not paying first and fast !

ebay is Jakarti

I will pay by paypal or money order, and if paypal, let me konw first so I can transfer the money from bank to paypal acct.

Thank you