WTB: Modular PSU, Abit F-I90HD, e4300, 2gb ddr2, X-Fi


Limp Gawd
May 28, 2006
Looking for the following:

1) Modular Power Supply... name brand, 550-650 watts. *FOUND*

2) Abit F-I90HD Fatal1ty matx board. *FOUND*

3) e4300 OEM is fine as i dont need the HSF. *FOUND*

4) 2gb ddr2 - 667 min, *FOUND*

5) X-Fi Xtrememusic or Xtremegamer, the one that doesnt rely on cpu processing. OEM bare card is fine. driver cd would be nice. Willing to Spend around 50 shipped.

Note iam in canada, Parts need to be shipped USPS (air parcel post is fine, its way cheaper than global express).

Heatware: fl4wless 64-0-0
ebay: kunalbhasin 80+
paypal verified with confirmed address.