WTB Mini-ITX motherboard, prefer with CPU

I have a DELL OEM with a Core 2 6320 @1.86 Ghz. 2 gig of ram . I am running Window 10 on her right now for chits and giggles.

$150 shipped will get you the board, cpu, cooler pictured, memory and the pc power and cooling 750watt unit. or make me an offer on individual components. I also have a 120 gig PNY SSD for $50 more, also includes the oem dvd and win 10 preview. That's $200 for the whole shebang. PS: the power supply is on an APC. That plug in the pic is to a light. Pictured below:

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If ya get desperate, I have a D525MW board that I just replaced a cap on, after ripping the old one half off like a dumbass (we all have our moments! it just doesn't fit in the case I want it to fit in ;) )

Has a ginormous heatsink and fan... I think it was originally skt 754... the original fanless 'sink was far too wimpy to really dissipate the ~20w on the processor...

PM me for pix...
What socket are you looking for? I have a MAXIMUS VI IMPACT that I could part with for $170 + shipping. It is pretty much new with just about everything still in their original plastic baggies.
Dang selling that cheap. I'll match or beat his price as I don't have any need for this board anymore.
I've got a Athlon X2 of some flavor (3400+ maybe or BE 2300, I'd have to check) with a HP ITX mobo and 2 GB of DDR2 RAM and a 690G chipset. Onboard video, 1 PCI slot, 2 IDE, 2 SATA ports. I installed Server 2012 on it a few weeks ago for S&G and it runs fine. Heatsink is a smallish low profile dual heatpipe with a 92mm fan, but it works just fine. $50 shipped with new Antec tricool fan.
Same here... I didn't get a peep.

Is it customary with buying / selling on here for silence to basically mean either "no thanks" or "eff off"...? You'd think I'd know by now but I don't.