WTB GTX 1070

the X

Mar 2, 2005
PayPal ready as soon as you pm. I'll try to check messages as often as possible. Thanks!

A black or black and red Nvidia GTX 1070 (just don't want a founder edition)
Offering $350 shipped

The parts below on hold until I sell my old rig. If you have one of these parts laying around and not in a rush to sell it, let me know anyway and I might get back to you in the next week or so:

$100 shipped

i7 6700k with a used air cooler you may not want anymore
$290 shipped

Corsair Vengeance LPX 16gb DDR4-3200
$70 shipped

NZXT S340 (black and red)
$60 shipped

Creative Sound Blaster Audigy PCIe RX 7.1 Sound Card
model: SB1550
$30 to $40 shipped depending on age of card

Paying with Paypal or whatever method you prefer.
Heatware under webekyle 45+
My zip is 92201
Available for local meet.
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Prices negotiable as long as its not over the current sales :D
I have 2 users with cpu and motherboard pending. Anyone have any of the other parts?
There's a few 1070 on Amazon for $349 to $357 but I'd still like to avoid tax if I can. At the same time it saves the seller Amazon fees. I love Hard|Forum
PM me soon! Gotta get my game on!
I'm thinking about spending the extra $30 on Amazon. Not getting any hits here. Maybe my last bump
Go to jet.com create an account and use the SHOP10 code. You can get a brand new Zotac 1070 mini for $340 shipped, it just won't be red.