WTB: CPU and mobo


Apr 15, 2002
I'm looking for an older CPU and mobo for my A8-5600K/FM2 system that I am replacing. I prefer it use DDR3 so I don't have to buy new RAM.

Please PM me with offers
Will keep you mind if you still need this within a week or so, going to be upgrading an h97/i3 4370 soon, if you care for that.
How much ddr3 do you have in that combo.... keeping it out sellng it?
I’m selling a Ryzen 3200G with a microATX motherboard and 16GB DDR4-2400 for a reasonable price, if you’re interested.

edit: politely withdrawn, as another [H] user called dibs. Good luck on your search, OP!
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I got ddr3 4x4gb 30shipped if your looking or didn’t get some
It’s basic desktop ram 1600